Grilled pork chops and steaks–and other typical dude foods—are pretty much a gimme for Father’s Day. So we polled a bunch of our dad friends and decided to find out what they really want to eat on Father’s Day.

Did they want dude food? Did they want something else? Some of the responses are what you might expect – and we’re including a few of those in this round-up as well!—but a few of the answers might surprise you.

A chef friend told me he wants “a big salad with chicken or fish and a beer.” Another dad told me he wants “hot dogs with the grandkids.” (I suspect this is a popular one for its simplicity.)

That being said, we did get some stereotypically meat-centric foods, and that’s ok. It’s all about balance, right?

Dads, what do YOU want this Father’s Day?

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