NFL Free Agency Update: Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon Might Land A $15 Million Contract; Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers A Possible Destination

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Mike Glennon's First NFL Game

Every one of Mike’s plays from his very first NFL game. (Photo : RandomBucsFan )

As the NFL offseason continues, the league is once again filled with rumors especially now that free agency is underway. In the quarterback position, Jimmy Garappolo is considered as the best available. But if the reports are true that the New England Patriots are not willing to let go of Garoppolo, teams that needs a quarterback to carry their team in the coming season needs to look elsewhere.

Because of the possibility that Garoppolo being unavailable, Mike Glennon of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers came up. In his four years with the team, he only played a total of 21 games and started 18. And this offseason, he might land a break that he’s waiting for so long.

Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports NFL Insider, said that Chicago Bears are interested to sign Glennon, as per CBS Sports. He also said that the Bears love Garoppolo. But signing Garoppolo will require to let go of multiple significant assets.

Canfora said that he anticipated the Bears to offer Glennon around $12 million per season and a chance to earn more via incentives and production. But Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports said that Glennon might be offered around $14-$15 million per year by the Bears.

But the Bears aren’t the only one that is interested on signing Glennon. Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee said that if the San Francisco 49ers can’t find a deal for for Kirk Cousins, they would also be very much interested in Glennon. Glennon has completed 59.4 percent of his throws with 30 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

Aside from the Bears and 49ers, the Bucaneers offered Glennon to remain as the team’s quarterback. The Bucs offered Glennon $7 million per year, which would make him the highest paid back-up quarterback in NFL, as per ESPN.

But given the situation, it is unlikely that Glennon will choose to stay with the Bucs as their back-up QB. He has been the back-up quarterback for most of his career. He surely wants to be a starter at this point of his career. And given the opportunities that await him this offseason, it looks like he will land a starting quarterback job.

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